Several examples of WFEIS model outputs and analyses are shown below.

Pre-processed annual CONUS emissions

WFEIS can process most queries fairly quickly, but processing a full year for all of CONUS can take 3-10 minutes (or much longer if high-resolution raster outputs are selected).

Because of this, we provide several pre-processed annual WFEIS emissions outputs. The table below shows a subset of results for CONUS in several output formats. TIF outputs show CO2 emissions at 1-km resolution. These estimates were generated in August 2015 (WFEIS v0.5):

WFEIS CONUS Emissions Estimates

Year Map C* CO2* Outputs

*Units = Tg

Model results shown and linked in this table used the MODIS MCD64A1 burned area product and WFEIS default values for Consume parameters to calculate emissions for natural fuels only.

See full directory archive of pre-processed annual WFEIS model runs using MODIS MCD641 for all available pre-processed data outputs, including model runs for Alaska and estimates that include agricultural fuels burning.

Interactive map of emissions by ecoregion

Click on the image below to view an interactive map of CO2 emissions, carbon emissions, burned area, and fuelbed composition for each CEC Level II ecoregion from WFEIS v0.3 model runs for 2001-2010:

2002 Biscuit Fire

Burned area dataset comparison and WFEIS v0.3 output

Fuels data: A map of 1-km FCCS fuels and fuel loadings for the Biscuit Fire.

Burned area product: The figure below shows MODIS MCD64A1 (left) versus Landsat MTBS (middle) versus Landsat Daily (right) burned area datasets.

Fuel consumption and emissions model: The CONSUME model is an empirically-based model to estimate fuel consumption and emissions, including total carbon.

Fuel moisture inputs: RAWS weather station data is used to interpolate duff and 1000-hour fuel moisture values required by the CONSUME module. Calculations are made daily or by fire, depending on the burned area product selection.

Carbon Emissions by Burned Area
Burned area product Total C emissions Normalized C emissions
MODIS DBBAP 5.22 Tg-C 3.07 kg-C m-2
Landsat MTBS 6.20 Tg-C 3.10 kg-C m-2
Landsat Daily 6.13 Tg-C 3.06 kg-C m-2