What is WFEIS?

The Wildland Fire Emissions Information System (WFEIS) is a web-based tool that provides users a simple interface for computing wildland fire emissions across CONUS and Alaska at landscape to regional scales (1-km spatial resolution). WFEIS integrates burned area maps along with corresponding fuel loading data layers and fuel consumption models to compute wildland and cropland fire fuel consumption and emissions for user-specified locations and date ranges. The system currently allows for calculation of emissions from fires within the United States (excluding Hawaii and territories) from 1984 through 2013 depending on the selected burned area product.

The WFEIS website allows for two approaches for making fuel consumption and emissions estimates:
  • First, there is an Emissions Calculator webpage that provides a graphical user interface for constructing queries.

  • Second, the WFEIS website responds to queries submitted via properly encoded URL requests (i.e. it implements a RESTful Web API). Examples of valid WFEIS URLs, accessed via the emissions calculator within the KML and text report output formats, can be modified by users and resubmitted to the WFEIS system.
WFEIS is built entirely from open-source software components. Data can be requested and delivered in multiple spatial and non-spatial formats including text reports, CSV, ESRI Shapefiles, KML documents, GeoTIFF images, and netCDF files.

More information can be found on the Project Outputs page.